Jess Thirlby embracing the challenge as Vitality Roses start new four-year cycle

Winning when it matters the most, creating the thickness of leadership in the squad and shouldering expectation are all topics which are really high on the agenda of the Vitality Roses’ head coach Jess Thirlby.
Thirlby has been energised and excited with the challenge that lies ahead and took time to speak exclusively to Sky Sports.
The head coach used her launching camp to start to share her vision with her gamers but was also acutely aware that she desires this vision.
“Winning as it matters the most is that second bit for me. I believe you could win the odd game in between important tournaments but ultimately you have got an England team which are more determined than ever to maintain enjoying success.
“We all know in game, when you win everybody expects you to continue winning. Everybody is up for this challenge.”
The global has spoken about the struggle of beginning a new cycle at the shadow of this last since being declared from the function.
“Yes we ought to identify with all the successes of the Roses and celebrate them we all need to earn our right to possess similar or much more achievement,” Thirlby mentioned.
“We can not just lean on this, inherit that and expect it to simply continue. The anticipation is on our shoulders that’s the fantastic thing about sport is that there is nowhere to hide.
“Everybody expects England now to be able to topple over the Aussies, South Africans, Jamaicans and Kiwis at some point because we’ve now proven that we could perform it. It is about doing this.
“That is a large challenge for any sports team, getting to the top is one thing but staying there’s another. This challenge and I am really embracing. I have learnt in myself that I don’t like anything simple. I’ve most probably walked to the job at a fantastic time based on that!”
The very first stop for 15 of the Roses players and for Thirlby will be a trip to Australia and also New Zealand. There they will train and play [behind closed doors] against Australia’s development group in Canberra, until either side traveling around to Auckland to face the New Zealand A side.
The head coach is going to be joined by former England player Sonia Mkoloma that will function as her coach and Thirlby be keen to find a development of a field that was a focus during camp – direction.
“For me it’s absolutely paramount that this category do not rely upon the mature players and that we begin to develop leaders in each these men. Yes it comes naturally to other people and we are aware that leadership comes in several types,” the head coach noted.
Prior to the turn of this year sees the arrival of this Vitality Netball Nations Cup, Following their tour to the Southern Hemisphere, a Visit to South Africa will be about the cards at the latter part of November.
New Zealand, jamaica and the SPAR Proteas will arrive in England and will aim to finish the four days of competition on top.
When it has to do with the head trainer’s style At the moment, as the gamers strike this hectic schedule with gusto and take their first steps beneath Thirlby, what do they expect?
“I think very much about becoming real – I can’t be anything other than that. What these players can see is what they’ll get, I wear my heart on my sleeve.
“I am 100 percent committed and will give my all to this particular class and will try and assist them are the best player they can be wherever that takes them then fantastic.”
Sky Sports is your house of netball and it yields to your screens soon, whenever they see South Africa in November, while the Roses reunite to activity under Thirlby, starting with the Fast5 All-Stars Championships on Saturday, October 12.